Our Chocolate

Our chocolates are our own blend of fine confection. From rich dark chocolates to creamy milk chocolates and others.

Our Ingredients

We ensure the ingredients used to make our products are nothing less than the best. We select specific ingredients whose flavors fuse together and make a surprising flavor and truly amazing!


We love creating items to WOW your taste buds! We offer special items for your company, wedding or event. If you don't see something your looking for on our site, give us a call!

About C-Ville Candy!

Candy making has long been a hobby of mine. There is a real magic to it!

I had been making candy as gifts for friends, and just for the joy of people at work.

And then the classic beginning of a business, people started wanting to buy my candy - and the C-ville Candy Company was born!

Tops on the list of C-ville candies for many of my customers are theHoney Brittles. Using all natural ingredients, I hand-make my original recipes in small batches with special attention to quality. All are made with a large amount of honey for perfectly balanced and surprising flavor.

TheOrange Cashew Honey Brittle is made with orange blossom honey. Clover honey is the right choice for the Extra Toasty Peanut. Both have been causing quite a "Buzz" at the Charlottesville City Market.

Over the past year I have added chocolates to my line, and they are gaining fast. I have developed my own signature blend of dark chocolate with a rich but friendly flavor. Even those who believe they don't like dark chocolate are quite taken by its creamy mellow finish..  I feature this blend in the Dark Chocolate Barks, and it is the secret of my "Incomparable Nonpareils" T.M.I strive to make all my candies elicit a "WOW!" Everybody has their own preferences and favorites but there's not an ordinary candy on the list.

I hope you will enjoy experiencing my creations as much as I enjoy making them.

All my best, David